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Why Professionals Always Prefer Hanging Punch Bags For Practices

Boxing is not just a game. It is one of the best powerful sport in the world. As in any competition, no boxer can be the winner in a fine morning. It needs proper training and practice. Punching bags comprises effective training equipment for any boxers. If you need a good option in punching bags, then a powerful hanging punching bag will be the best. It can be either mounted on the roof or to the wall with chains. Usual areas of hanging a punching bag include workout rooms, garages, and basements.

Standing Punch Bag Vs Hanging punch Bag

A standing punching bag is a better choice for those who plan for a kickboxing. They are height adjustable and lower to the ground. But on comparing to hanging type, they are of low quality and lesser durability. When compared to a standing punching bag, a hanging punch bag adds more endurance and strength to our muscle groups with repeated kicks.
A boxer can effectively practice on his footwork and combos with a good hanging punch bag. Unlike a standing punching bag a hanging bag work like a powerful opponent by returning to its actual position after each kick. One should be always keen to check the weight of the punching bag, before making your purchase. We have to ensure that our ceiling is strong enough to support the mass.

Hanging punching bags: opts for your best

A hanging punching bag should sway in such a way that the boxer could make effective punches on it. It shall not be too hard to break one’s hand or constantly move to make a good punch impossible. In fact, the swaying of a bag is determined by two factors, the weight of the bag and the size of the fighter. If a bag has more weight, then less sway it produces. This will also make the bag feel harder like a rock, and a good punch may break your tendons and bones.  A male with a weight of 170 lbs can look for a bag weighing about 60 to 70 lbs, and if the hitter is heavier, then he can go up to 100 lbs.hanging punching bag
It is always advisable to use appropriate hand protective devices before you go for a punch bag kicking. Although serious injuries are not reported, it is terrible to accept that you can’t actually work in the real fight because of an injury from a bag kick. Hence, a good pair of hand gloves, wraps, or a headgear can make things easier.

Punching bag: as a means of work out

Not only boxers but anyone who needs to have a short workout at home can go for a hanging punching bag. Throwing few swings here and there can be effectively counted as a small exercise. These workouts will help your body to release endorphins which may act as pain killers and will aid as a means of mental relaxation. Studies show that hitting a punching bag can work as an excellent means of de-stressing as it satisfies the flight or fights urge of an individual.